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Rachel Owens Smith


Cynthia Owens Green

Vice President

Devvy Owens


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Executive Admin.

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Rachel Owens Smith (CEO/Founder) –Of Annie Fay Owens Foundation was born and raised in the community of South Dallas. Growing up in a family of low social economic status gave her a deep desire and commitment to help bring about change in the lives of families in her community. Rachel has served over 20 years of service in the non-profit arena. She has been is active, involved in community activities and events, such as feeding the homeless, Anointed Sisters Housing, Pinkalicous Love, Pleasant Grove Broncos Organization, Pop Warner, Salvation Army American Youth Football/Cheer, Breast Cancer Walk, Lupus Walk, Lung Cancer Walk, The Center of Hope, and North Texas Food Bank. Her God giving vision is to see lives change through mentoring children and continuing education and other social skills for parents to break the chain of poverty and become successful educated citizens.   

Cynthia Owens Green (Vice President) Cynthia is the oldest child of Annie Fay Owens and Gene Owens. She was raised in the South Dallas community. Cynthia graduated from the Great James High School class of 1980. She became a young teen mom and was determined to further her life dream as a nurse. With the love and support of her family, she became a nurse. Cynthia has one son and three grandchildren (Grands). She has dedicated over 30 years in the nursing field. Cynthia has a 360 outlook on elderly care starting with Rehabilitation, Alzheimer's, Dementia, and currently a manager for Assisted Living and Memory Care Unit. Cynthia is actively involved with giving back to her community by feeding homeless, donating clothing to women shelter, and providing toys for less fortunate children in the South Dallas community. She is the Vice President of Pinkalicous Love where she has helped change the lives of the young ladies by being a positive role model.

Devvy Owens (Secretary) Devvy was born and raised in the South Dallas community. Devvy is the second to the oldest daughter of Annie Fay Owens and Gene Owens. She has one daughter and two grandchildren (Glam). Devvy has been in the childcare field for the past 25 years. She has a passion for working with youth. She graduated from the Great James Madison High School class of 1983. She is part of the alumni. Devvy is actively involved with community activities and events such as feed the homeless, Toy Drive, Pleasant Grove Broncos Organization, Divaz with Purpose, The Center of Hope, North Texas Food Bank, Breast Cancer Walk, Lupus Walk, Lung Cancer Walk. She has also had the pleasure of being the President of Pinkalicous Love, a mentorship program for beautiful young ladies from ages 8-18.

Delores Robertson (Treasurer) Delores knows first-hand how to handle all money.  She has worked over the last twenty years in balancing books and managing employees. Delores has also worked in recruitment and training for more than twenty-five years. She is a graduate of Jackson State University with a degree in Business Management. She enjoys volunteering and giving back to the community. Delores loves to travel, meeting new people, and crafting. She is highly creative and loves to think outside the box.

Betty A. Crow (Executive Administrator) Betty was born and raised in Minden, LA. She graduated from Shongaloo High School in 1988. She has two daughters and 5 grandchildren (Meme). In 2000, Betty received an associate degree in Office Systems Technology from Northwest Louisiana Technical College. She worked in the Webster Parish School System for the next 10 years with preschool including inputting their info into the JPAMS system, set up and ran her own computer lab, and worked with K-12 Special Education. In 2012, Betty became an Administrative Assistant for a personal care agency in Minden, LA. In 2015, Betty moved to Texas. In 2016, she became an Office Manager at a home health agency. Betty has a passion for working with people of all pages. She did the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, youth summer feeding program, and served as team mom and secretary for the Pleasant Grove Broncos Organization to give back to the community.